Thursday, April 7, 2011


I bet you are all surprised to see this topic, huh?   I was challenged by someone who asked me to read agnostic/athesist blogs. Heck, I am even considering reading one of their books just to see....WHY they wouldn't even think of eternity and do they even understand the costs of dismissing it? I found this perfect blog from  Christ, the Con-Man check this out

I am going to quote from someone that I thought she perfectly stated it. Exactly what I was trying to explain to my friend over coffee one night.

"SO…Let us say, if you, as an un-believer, and I, as a Christian, were to make a wager concerning Christianity, eternity, etc., I have ‘all the cards’, so to speak.  I didn’t become a Christian because of a ‘bet’ per se…never thought of it…but I NOW can’t LOSE this wager!  If I’m wrong in betting my future on belief in God and Christianity I’ll suffer no loss…since there’s nothing after death, I wouldn’t even know I was wrong!  YOU were RIGHT, but of course gain nothing. You won’t even be aware you’ve won a pyrrhic, useless victory. We won’t exist.        Score: even.  If I’M right and YOU are wrong, well, I have a blissful eternity ahead of me. You have at best the unhappy realization that you’ve given up that eternity, and at worst…well, who knows what ‘hell’ might be, really? I don’t imagine it’s a ton of chuckles.  Score: me, plus one… you, a BIG minus-one!  I can’t really lose anything, and you can’t really win anything. How bleak!  If you win, you (as my dad, sadly, used to say) will just ‘die and lay there like an old horse’…there will be nothing.  If you lose, you’ve given up paradise for some sort of eternal damnation.  NOW: before you make any snap conclusion that this is reducing faith to a mere wager…not so.  It’s merely an apologist’s attempt to encourage someone to do what he considers the obvious: EXPLORE the possibility that there’s something there!  Eternity is far too important a consideration!  I can’t say what you’ll find in your searching.  I only hope and pray you WILL search! "

And I know that Athesist simply do not believe in God. PERIOD. While Agnostics are open to believe what they can sense with their 5 senses. I've seen online that Agnostics means "without knowledge" or "undecided". Well, I hope one day they make sure they thought about everything before its too late and make a decision. Athesist depends on science and facts. You know what's funny about science? It can be conflicting too. Have you ever notice in the news, magazines, or online where they tell you different things about their "studies" ? Let's take coffee for an example since it's so many of you have heard that coffee is bad for you and you should not drink it...while the other scientists from maybe different country says that coffee is great for you and it even helps you prevent cancer!!! BOTH are scientists? Who should we believe? The point is that they both actually have FACTS but they come to different's up to you to decide which evidence you want to believe...just like what Jesus did...He came to prove that He is the Son of God by healing the blind, healing the Deaf...etc. Yes we weren't there to witness it but guess what? We weren't there to witness what the scientists did to experiment and draw conclusions to the research/study they have did. So why are we so eager to believe them? Is it because they graduated with Ph.D? I don't know about you but I rather believe in the 'supernatural' something that is much much more powerful than we are !!! If you think about it, I am SO glad that Jesus came to Earth when He did because there were no technology back then, there is NO way He could just 'con' us. No TV manipulation or anything like that. It's real. It's so real that it has been passed on for 2011 YEARS!! Christ's death is the only reason why we have this date? If he wasn't real, why would they put this date based on a "myth"? 

The reason I want people to know about this is because I am so determined to not let the devil sell you with their "science" and recruit you to a place where you will suffer for eternity!! And I guess it is for selfish purpose too, I want to see all of you in Heaven with me so we can be family & friends for an eternity :) 

    I think there’s something else with which the atheist could hardly disagree . I can envision a scenario: two hospital beds, side by side. I am in one, our atheist friend in the other. We are in our last moments of life here.  I would be a sad excuse for a Christian if I feared death. I fear the process…the pain, all the attendant mess of the body shutting down, etc….but death itself? NO! To me, this is the door to Paradise!  My real life is about to begin!  I believe that last instant, that last breath will see me smiling, with the name of Jesus on my lips. But I wonder what my roommate will be thinking in those final seconds as his organs begin their final failures and darkness starts to settle. Will there be a doubt, now?  Will the scoffing, the witty derision still mix with his final breath?  Might he then, in this extremis, think, “What if?…What if been wrong (I’ve heard it said ,“Everyone has doubts” I’ve heard more than one Christian admit to the occasional doubt. Do atheists have doubts about LACK of faith?  They seem so cocksure!) I know this:  I would love, if able, in those final seconds, to ask my roommate his thoughts as death settles on him. What does a man have to look forward to when his highest hope is NOTHINGNESS at the end of it all…when the alternative to that nothingness (should he be wrong in his non-belief) is a HORROR…alienation from his creator, the realization, at last, of the paradise he’s passed up, even a hell, whatever its exact nature?  We can’t debate the greatest of all questions. He can’t prove a negative and I can’t give him the sort of empirical evidence he seems to need.  But how can he be happy?

From my personal opinion and observances from the blogs, I may be wrong but this is the feeling what I'm getting  from  Agnostics/Athesist that they don't like to be judged, they are independent and want to do what they would like to do and they have a lot of pride.    I know some and they are actually are wonderful people that I feel blessed to have met and get to know them.  I hope they  and others will give it a chance again because they don't know a lot of things in the Bible because they haven't whole-heartly made an effort to learn about it. I blame on all the religious leaders in the past and even now -- where they use religion to manipulate people which I think it's terrible and because of that many people have doubts and missed the big picture. I don't blame them for thinking that way. I just hope people would give it a chance, at least. After all, what do they have to lose?


  1. Good morning, Amanda,

    Oswald Chambers writes "When you grow and develop the right condition inwardly, the words Jesus spoke become so clear that you are amazed you did not grasp them before. In fact, you were not able to understand them before because you had not yet developed the proper spiritual condition to deal with them.

    Our Lord doesn’t hide these things from us, but we are not prepared to receive them until we are in the right condition in our spiritual life. Jesus said, 'I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now'(John 16:12)."

    I think for many young people it is a kind of rebellion to be agnostic or atheist. Time and troubles, lead them back to faith. With all of this there has to be a readiness to "listen, hear, and respond."

    From my limited experiences actions speak louder than words. One of my friends was a Mormon missionary. He talked about whenever they were down on faith they would go "bashing." Bashing meant arguing with someone from another religion or an atheist. In the end each person would become stronger in their own convictions.


  2. You said "I know some and they are actually very good people which makes me feel even confused but I think it's because they don't know a lot of things in the Bible because they haven't whole-heartly made an effort to learn about it."

    They may be doing great as they thought or as you thought too. I was like that for about 2 years in my college years. After accepting Jesus Christ in me, I FELT TOTALLY healed and NEW. I thought I was doing great before, but I was wrong I am even doing better now. I don't think those Agnostics/Atheist will realized till they have finally accepted Jesus Christ. Right now they are blind just like we were blind in love in our past.

    I don't want to judge them, but they just don't trust to put their life in God's hands and let him be the control.

  3. I know what you mean, thanks for sharing, I know so many non believers, some mock me for my beliefs.

    I feel sorry for people who do not have or ask for the gift of belief in GOD. I wonder so often why people who are so intellectual can not open their minds and hearts , but rather argue that we who have faith especially blind faith are limited. I think the opposite I think they are sadly mistaken and limited and wonder why they come from such fear and conflict. I pray for them.

  4. the above was from aunt mare teaching her how

  5. Thanks Mom and Aunt Mare!! :) I agree, they are not either spiritually ready like what LG said or they are blinded by evil. I pray for them too to see the light.

    LG- Gil saw your comment, we both LOVE what you said

    Our Lord doesn’t hide these things from us, but we are not prepared to receive them until we are in the right condition in our spiritual life. Jesus said, 'I still have many things to say to you, but you cannot bear them now'(John 16:12)."

    That is so true and it makes sense. That's how I feel, I feel like it has to come from them when they are ready and not when we think they are ready.

    I agree with you Erin and we all have so much to learn...even we are still not done learning yet.