Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Angels O:-)

Good Morning!! I have been reading this book that my friend Erin recommended, "The Boy Who Came Back from Heaven" by Alex & Kevin Malarky. It's an amazing book! I recommend for everyone to read, this reminds me how powerful a prayer can be and how there are angels around us. I remember thinking about them when I was younger and then I grew out of it. I'm sure I've had angels helping me and my family. I know there are so many angels with the Japanese people right now.   Also, I want to warn you about this book, don't expect to read it without crying because that's all I did!!!  I don't want to share too much details about the book in case you want to read it but this little boy had this beautiful opportunity to visit Heaven and meet all the angels and even saw God but not his face because he wasn't ready yet.  He kept saying how Heaven is so beautiful and PERFECT and that it's around us and not in outerspace or anything like that. It's here. This reminds me of what Sharon Stone said on Oprah when she had a near-death experience, she said that it's right here, and that it's like air, it's right in front of your face and you could go in the thin of air.  That statement stuck with me and I remembered again from reading that book.  It was exciting to read the details/preview about Heaven from others. I know some talked about it in the Bible but it's so nice that God is still showing Himself, especially to little kids and I think that's so precious. Little kids don't have any barriers and their hearts are so open to the world that we all grow out of at once point.

I do believe that God sent angels/saints on Earth too. It's not the same as the ones in Heaven with wings but there are people are Earth that I  know God placed them in our path to take care of us.  I've met so many angels growing up when I was going for speech therapy and learning how to function in the "hearing world". These angels gave us so much hope and happiness that I feel blessed to be Deaf so I could meet those people and have them part of my life.  My Aunt Lori is definitely one of them, she is a SAINT. She bends over backwards to help her family and friends. I know nobody's perfect but to me, she's one of the most compassionate person I have ever met. I didn't realize it when I was little but when I grew up and realized how harsh the world can be and how easy it is to be selfish, it made me appreciate my Aunt Lori even more! I used to have this OLD hearing aids where I would need this strapy thingy to hold it. Sometimes it would clash with my outfit so my Aunt would actually design and create new ones for me and made sure that it would match my outfits too!!! She made me feel special, haha. She did more than that too, she and my Uncle Ray provided me a closed captioned box as soon it came out and that helped me learn how to read too. They both have been there for us all my life and even helped me with college too.  She never asks for anything in return.  I have to go visit them this summer, can't believe how life can pass by so quickly. That's what I've learned too, that we should stop and smell the roses and make time to see people that we love and cherish.

I received a text message from my cousin Lisa, she was in Florida visiting my Aunt Maude. Aunt Maude is another saint too, she has ALWAYS been there for me and I never took that for granted because sometimes people come in and out of your life even family do.. but she has always stayed.

So this book made me think about a lot of things that we often take for granted that there are angels around us-- in many different forms. It can be your guardian angel, your family or friends.   It's amazing and what a difference to be around people who accepts you for who you are and even embraces you?? I hope to make others feel the same way. My Aunt Lori, Aunt Maude and of course my parents, have inspired me to give back.

(There's more Angels that I know but too many to list!!! I want to thank everyone for being there for me emotionally, and spiritually)

Check out this link that my mother sent me this morning. I  love it and so funny!! :)
Hilarious Church Signs

P.S. I've learned a lot about Billy Graham recently and I think his website is awesome and would like to share it with you too!!    Billy Graham


  1. I'm glad you liked the book. This book gave me goosebumps whenever Alex explained about Heaven.

    This is amazing!

    I am glad you realized to stop taking people for grant because it is important to give back to people who loved you. I guess, some people think they don't have the time to text and say let's hang out because they are so busy with their own life. We do have the time to text but not to hang out which is sad today. People are starting to stop visiting one another due to Facebook, and technology around us.

    For me, being around people makes me feel good about myself and that is something that Facebook can't do for me.

  2. I agree. Facebook does make me feel that my family are not thousand miles away but I should also remind myself to see them in person too. I try my best. Gil likes the new saying from the book he read "Think Big"...."Do your best and God will do the rest".

  3. Oh I totally understand. I'm not telling you to quit Facebook too, it is your choice. Facebook just doesn't work for me too well.

    I like that "THINK BIG"... good point :)

  4. Hey,Amanda, I am enjoying your blog.

    Thanks for the link to Billy Graham's site. You and Gil would love the first thing I read on his site is "C.S. Lewis asserted that, 'pain is God’s megaphone to rouse a deaf world.'" I think he should have written a "non-listening" world. You, Gil, and your families are on such a such path of spiritual growth that it is very inspiring!

    Regarding Facebook, it has allowed me to connect with high school friends in Texas. I still feel very akward with too much out there but I love seeing students' pictures.

    Thanks for your wonderful writing! LG

  5. Thanks for recommending the book. I did not hear of it. By the way, I think that you would enjoy books by C.S.Lewis as well (if you did not read him, of course). I liked his books "The Great Divorce" and "The Screwtape Letters."