Friday, March 18, 2011


Before I go ahead and talk about missionary...I want to start with a joke...

The two priests who fell down the stairs

When the first priest falls down the stairs, he picks himself up and
says, "Oh! Thank God, I didn't break my neck!!"

When the second priest falls down the stairs, he picks himself up and
says, "Whew! well, I'm glad that's over with!!!!!"

I love this because that is soo true!! Think about it...God is in conrtol...everything is planned for us!! So the second priest knew it was inevitable and he had to go through it anyway! Haha!!

I have been reading blogs from my husband's cousins who are missionaries. They came back from Hondurus and is now going to India. I have an extreme respect for missionaries who travel all over their country and world to save souls. I know few other people who are missionaries too. I didn't understand at first about what they were doing until I met my husband's family.  It is so important to preach and share God's word with everyone and help them accept Jesus Christ to be their salvation. The more Christians we have in this world, the better the place would be too. There would be less jealousy, greed, self-destruction, etc. And as a result of that there would be less crimes and all of that but the best part is that you get to live forever in eternity after leaving Earth. That's the most wonderful and undeserving gift from God. He loves us and wants us to be with Him.   Yesterday this quote from his blog stuck out to me and I love this... “You have one business on earth- to save souls.” -John Wesley  

From that, I came up with so many theories of my own!! I will share that with you later. Think about what you can do for God, and you will come up with so many'll be surprised!!

I would like to add that if you're interested in helping a missionary - please check out their website -     I am always trying to be careful to where I donate my money because you don't know if they are actually using it to benefit others. Since I already know these missionaries because they are in my family so I trust them and have absolute confidence/respect for them. They sacrifice/risk their lives to save others and that takes a lot to do that.  If you're not sure about something always double- check with someone before donating to anything and if you know someone who are missionary too please let me know so I can donate for them too!! Thanks!!

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