Friday, March 18, 2011

God vs. Science Part II

I thought that was a great e-mail and I'm sure you've seen similar e-mails like this before. Isn't it interesting how professors like him challenge God the way he did?  I love science and I think they are the most fascinating piece of work that God created!! It's so complex and so unique that it takes years and years for the human mind to make sense out of it!! The point is, there's always a Creator behind the Creation. It's like what my mother in law said....honor the Creator and not the creation.   I actually had a very interesting conversation with someone at work about this...he TRIED so hard and was determined to tell me that there was NO God. I am sure everyone experiences something like this but I was SO glad I did.  Now it makes sense why they don't believe in Him. I couldn't understand why in the world wouldn't anybody want to believe in God. I just didn't get that they need to see, feel, hear, smell, etc. in order to believe anything....if they couldn't use their senses, then therefore it's not real to them. They forgot one sense....the one that comes from your "gut" and your heart. Somehow you just "feel" that something isn't right and it's like alarm going off inside you to tell you to do something different or warn you about something that's going to happen...I believe that comes from the Holy Spirit. Just like what my other friend from work says. That is one  of the million ways God communicates with us.

My friend said that he applauded on how the Bible has so many "great stories" and that he was impressed with it. That made me laugh. This Book is actually an evidence with writings that you can actually SEE and TOUCH and it's also real. Some of the things in the Bible is consistent with "evidence" that you see in Isreal. If someone wants "proof", go to where Jesus came from and you will see where it happened.  The best part is that people have passed on that stories for so long and for generations to generations...and it has NEVER been destroyed and never did.....this Bible goes WAY back!!  It's amazing how it survived through everything.   Then I was asked a question about dinosaurs...I thought that was a great question and it might be misinterpreted..I googled about this too...these dinosaurs can be mistaken for the demons, serpants, "monsters" that they talked about in the Bible...they could might as well be dinosaurs.  Don't forget that God had to wipe out Earth and clean it for 40 days to start all over....I wouldn't be surprised if he did that when the "monsters" roamed the Earth.  Then let's talk about evolution...this is only a theory and it has never been scientifically proven..I wonder why....I think it's a great way for God to help the living things to evolve and survive over time on Earth...when I asked my friend...ok where did this start? He said the DNA. I asked , where did the DNA come from? The molecules. Then of course, I asked again, where did the molecules come from? The air, the light...great....but where did the Light come from!?!? It has to start from somewhere! :)

Now, that's where faith comes in...when I put all of my faith in God, I can actually see, feel and sense things a lot better than I did before. And it's I've said before...God comes through us-- the people on Earth, animals and maybe even technology too!! He is everywhere...when you believe...all of your five senses come alive and it makes you realize that He is wherever you go...

I do think about why people don't believe in God because of the bad things that happen to good people and it doesn't make sense sometimes and it is hard to understand why these things happen but it happens for a reason...our body is temporary on Earth.  We shouldn't worry so much about what happens to us but what happens to us aftewards. Our soul is the most important thing because it lives on forever and in eternity with God. I love everyone in my family and I love my friends. I want to see them with me for eternity after we live on Earth. And I think people are scared of being judged...its so easy to believe that God doesn't exist because if He doesn't, then there's no judgement. But that's why God sent us  His son Jesus to save us from all sins and forgive us for it too. God knows we are not perfect and that we need the Blood of Christ to help us get into Heaven. Through our Lord Jesus, we can be saved by asking for forgiviness for our sins and accept him to be in our heart where we believe in Him. As long He is with us, we are saved.


  1. You are right that people do have hard time believing and trusting God because they can't see or feel him. HOWEVER, once you BELIEVE God is there you can feel his presence is something I can't even describe. Its the same with love, could you describe love to someone? I don't think you can describe it in one sentence, it has so much feelings and there are no words to say about LOVE. It is the same way with God, you feel it but can't find words for it.

    Just like I mentioned about a book "A boy who came back from Heaven", he said he couldn't find words to describe Heaven, but all he could say was AMAZING, BEAUTIFUL and such. You had to be there to see it with your own eyes to know how this boy feels exactly. We won't know till we die on earth and go to Heaven.

    During in my 2nd year at college, I begin to question whether God is there, who wrote the bible, how did they write the bible and have it published in book. Maybe not everything is 100% true. I was confused and lost at the time. I went through horrible years till I became single again and dated Josh. I finally start coming together. Josh came in my life for a reason, he is my salvation. I love him to death and I am thankful to be married to him in few months :) I am happy where I am right now.

  2. The Earth is not our home. It is just a temporary trip to our true home - Heaven!