Sunday, March 13, 2011

Who is the big cheese here?

Have you ever heard of this phrase before??

–noun Older Slang .
an influential or important person: Who's the big cheese aroundhere?

I think it's the most cheesy slang, I ever heard! Everyone who knows me is a big fan of cheese-- I love Harvarti, SHARP cheddar, smoked and regular mozzerella, and the list goes on!!! So of course this helped me come up with a name for this blog...many people have picked awesome name for the blogs so I was just left with cheese which I didn't mind!! 

I've heard/seen people say...hey who runs the show here? Who's the big cheese? Usually, it's our boss or the director of the company/agency but we all know who is the real boss --- God. He's bigger than them so therefore He is bigger than cheese!!! 

Not even the President of the company or the country have that much control!! Only God does and we should trust in Him to let us know what we should be doing. I love my mom's advice..."Take one day at a time". I am always worrying about the future and it's very overwhelming and I'm trying to appreciate the past and live today. If you think about it, God has proved to us that he has taken care of us in the past and that there is no reason to doubt Him. So I am going to worry  appreciate and enjoy today, and nothing else. 

Today I am going to watch McClean Bible Church on-line with closed captions. You should watch it if you can. It starts at 10:45 but there's so much music that it really doesn't start until 11:15 (EST) click here for more information..McClean Bible Church LIVE Lon Soloman is a WONDERFUL speaker and Pastor!! He is amazing!!! I have been reading Fearless from Max Lucado...I love this book because the writing style is's not what I'm used to but they get the message across and the best part is that there's a picture of a little redhead boy jumping off the dock fearlessly with his scuba mask on and I love that because it reminds me of my husband!!   He is the perfect example of God's child, I learn so much from him and God does take care of him...through all different kinds of accidents he goes through with motorcycle and other things!!  He is my hero. And of course, my number one book is the Bible!! 

So let's see what today brings me and I'll worry think about tomorrow  tomorrow :) 

41 days left until Easter!!

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  1. Love Harvarti CHEESE!!!! You and Vera are best friends :))

    I love when you said "Only God does and we should trust in Him to let us know what we should be doing." Very true and we shall start living our life...not just living but LIVING OUR LIFE the way God made us.

    Looking forward to